“When your toddler smashes your TV” and other stories: How do you teach your kids about money?


My 5-year-old son has an incredible memory, so I’m regretting the time he was 4 and I told him my credit card was “magic money.” That’s led to fun conversations like this:

“Daddy, how much dollars do you have?”


“Enough for more toys?”

“Enough for food and gas and the roof. Your dollars are for more toys.”

“But I don’t have enough dollars.”

“Exactly. That’s pretty much how everyone feels.”

And then he’ll ask 500 more questions. That’s because it’s hard to just tell your child about money. You have to show them. Usually this happens when they break something expensive . . . like what happened to my friend Matt Edwards:

When my son was 4, he climbed our television stand and pushed . . .

Read the rest of the story here:


Written by Shaun Kempston, Senior Writer, World Vision


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