The BEST unauthorized “Saved By the Bell” Fantasy Football team name is . . .


“No one likes when you post about Fantasy Football,” my wife said yesterday. Point taken. So how about I work in some “Saved By the Bell” action? That should do the trick . . .

I had the luck of drafting St. Louis Rams’ RB Zac Stacy, my surprise waiver wire find from last year, and I thought he could easily replace another famous Zack—Zack Morris of brick handheld cellphone fame. Plus, this is in honor of all of the “Saved By the Bell” news following Lifetime Channel’s terribly awesome and unauthorized biopic. Which is untrue, but I will still watch it anyway. Even if Mr. Belding won’t (warning: if you click on that link you’ll find that Mr. Belding doesn’t quite look like he used to).

One downside: Stacy never breaks the Fourth Wall to talk to the audience like his Morris counterpart does, so we’ll never quite know if he’s going to suit up after an injury.


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