Ode to “Paul” from the “Wonder Years” — SLAM POETRY

Not what you want to hear. Growing up people always said to me, “Hey, you look that guy on the Wonder Years . . . umm . . . not Kevin, but that other guy.” “Paul?” “Yeah, yeah! Paul.” These were the years when my face grew before the rest of my body. But you just have to own your ugly phase. It builds character. Your sense of humor. You don’t think the world will be served to you on a platter, you have to win it with your personality. I once knew a person who never had an awkward teenage phase, it was not good for them. The depth wasn’t there. Anyhow, this goes out to the Paul’s of the teenage world. I think you’re awesome.



60s braces.
The anti-Kevin.
Was Winnie for you?
Your Bball skills were turrible.
Your Math skills were unbeatable.
Kevin’s dad was scary.
Kevin was awesome in the Princess Bride.
You did not grow up
to be Marilyn Manson.
You grew up
to be you.
And Winnie was the one who grew up to write a book about math.
Not you.

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